Jenean Morrison & Andrea Pippins - Make It on Mobile

Artists Jenean Morrison and Andrea Pippins worked together during Make It on Mobile NYC to bring their fun illustrations to life. They collaborated closely on choosing the color palette, shared illustrations, and built off of each other's style to make two bright designs. Photo credits: Gabriel Campbell, Brooke Francesi, Kristi Highum, Bryan O'Neil Hughes, Pollyanna Macchiano, Matthew Richmond, Sam Wick

Adobe invited artists Jenean Morrison and Andrea Pippins (in addition to 14 other artists) to work together and finish two poster designs based on principles they felt expressed an aspect of their creative process. They were tasked to use iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Creative Cloud mobile apps. Over the course of two days, this is what they accomplished.
Jenean Morrison and Andrea Pippins
"Collaboration is a patchwork of ideas"
By Jenean Morrison
Jenean used Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Capture CC, Comp CC, and Illustrator CC to complete her design.
Jenean: "I took a lot of Andrea’s drawings and turned them into brushes in Capture, then turned them into drawings inside Photoshop Sketch. Some of the elements are hers, some are mine, some of them are both of ours. I used Draw, Capture and Sketch, then laid out the grid in Comp. This was my first time using Comp—I use the other apps on a fairly regular basis."
"Nurture your creativity"
By Andrea Pippins
Andrea used Capture CC, Illustrator Draw and Illustrator CC to finish her piece.
Andrea: "When we were talking about the way we draw and our interests, we realized we both have similar drawing styles. We both love doodles and florals, so we decided to combine our illustrations. I did a few by hand and then used Adobe Capture and also used Adobe Draw, which was really great for me because I had never experienced working with an iPad before to create at all, and I love that you can just zoom in and create as many details as you want, zoom out, play with the different sizes of brushes, which was a lot of fun."

"We brought our illustrations into Illustrator, then brought them into Adobe Draw and added more doodles to it, more color—and we decided to make the color palettes similar too."
Jenean and Andrea present their final printed posters
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