Rob Generette III & Andreas Preis - Make It on Mobile

Artists Robert Generette III and Andreas Preis collaborated during Make It on Mobile NYC to make a reversible poster design, featuring two very different chameleon illustrations. They shared the phrase, "Ideas are better shared," which is "Geteilte ideen sind besser" in German. Photo credits: Gabriel Campbell, Brooke Francesi, Kristi Highum, Bryan O'Neil Hughes, Pollyanna Macchiano, Matthew Richmond, Sam Wick

Adobe invited artists Andreas Preis and Robert Generette III (in addition to 14 other artists) to work together and finish two poster designs based on principles they felt expressed an aspect of their creative process. They were tasked to use iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Creative Cloud mobile apps. Over the course of two days, this is what they accomplished. 
Andreas Preis and Robert Generette III 
"Ideas are better shared"
By Andreas Preis
Andreas used Photoshop Sketch, Capture CC, and Comp CC to finish his part of the shared piece.
Andreas: "I tried to emulate what I drew on paper on the iPad. It was nice because I have never been able to create something that close to a real drawing on a tablet before."
"Geteilte ideen sind besser"
Top-left chameleon by Robert Generette III
Rob used Illustrator Draw, Capture CC, and Comp CC to create his chameleon.
Rob and Andreas chose to collaborate on illustrating the phrase "Ideas are better shared," and they took that mantra to the limit by literally sharing the same poster and concept by drawing two different chameleons and placing them on either side of the design. To pay homage to Andreas' native country, the words next to Robert's chameleon are the German translation of the original phrase.
Rob: "To make it more cohesive, we had both chameleons share the same space, and I shared his language while he shared mine, and…I think we came out with something kind of dope." 
Rob and Andreas present their final printed posters
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